About Me

My passion for food and cooking started early, in my Grandma’s kitchen. She never followed recipes and rarely used measurements. She experimented, went with what felt right and if you asked her how much of something goes in, the answer was usually ‘oh a couple of hands full’ or ‘Ah, you know, just a bit’. Rather than stressing about recreating an exact dish or flavour, she taught me to have fun in the kitchen and to trust my gut.

When I went vegan in January 2017, it felt like I learned cooking all over again. Lots of my go-to ingedients I no longer used and lots of new things like Seitan, Tapioca and Jackfruit I had never heard of. I did what my Grandma taught me to do, I had fun with the new stuff, I looked at recipes for inspiration and then went and did what felt right.

Along that journey, most of the recipes you’ll find on this site were created. Please don’t feel like you have to follow them step by step! Replace ingredients you don’t like! Put in whatever is in your fridge! Take them and make them your own!